Many exciting things happened with the redevelopment of Etobicoke’s Stonegate Plaza in 2014. VANDYK representatives have participated in numerous stakeholder meetings and welcomed newly elected Ward 5 Councillor, Justin Di Ciano, to the community. Since then, VANDYK has been working diligently behind the scenes, proceeding with its vision for the redevelopment of Stonegate Plaza, and 2015 is proving to be yet another milestone year.

The Stonegate Community

VANDYK is proud to announce that it has come to a formal agreement with Stonegate Community Health Centre (CHC) to enter into a longterm lease. VANDYK is currently finalizing terms and is confident that all aspects will be in place by the end of March 2015.

VANDYK has taken an open and collaborative approach to arrive at this stage of the development through public information meetings with the community, key stakeholders and city representatives. Most recently, over 100 people, including Councillor Di Ciano, attended a community consultation meeting on Wed., Feb. 25, at St. Mark’s Catholic School. Existing Stonegate community residents were given the opportunity to share their comments and ideas, which were addressed by VANDYK representatives and city staff. A follow-up meeting as well as a statutory public meeting will take place at the end of this coming summer 2015.

What to Look Forward to in 2015 & 2016

In mid-January of this year, VANDYK submitted a rezoning application to the Etobicoke York Planning Department proposing a phased, mix-use development on the 5.3-acre site and it is expected to be received for voting by community council by late fall 2015.

This year will also involve further discussions with city staff and local council regarding the implementation of additional community benefits, such as park upgrades and public art components.

With the continuation of VANDYK’s environmental remediation work plan on-site and tentative construction start dates, there is a lot to look forward to.


Phase 1: Late Fall 2015/Early Spring 2016

Phase 1 of the proposed development is planned to consist of a 2-storey commercial building, located at the southwest corner of the site at the intersection of Berry Road and Bell Manor Drive, with a proposed a grocery store located on the ground floor and CHC on the second floor.

Phase 2: Late Summer/Early Fall of 2016

The introduction of Phase 2 would then include a new road, publicly accessible open spaces, three mid-rise condominium residential buildings (one 10-storey and two 6-storey buildings) and a 3-storey, 16 unit townhouse block. The proposed overall residential development would contain approximately 500 units. Parking spaces would also be available, most of which would be underground.

Architectural Inspiration

VANDYK is excited to be collaborating with Kohn Partnership Architects Inc. Kohn will be contributing to the urban fabric while offering a palette of materials and design nuances that reflect and offer a seamless transition to the residential feel of the existing neighbourhood.

“The proposed residential and commercial buildings take their cues from the surrounding neighbourhood, including the material choices and design details, bringing them into a contemporary context and integrating the new development into a well-established community,” says Andrew Muffitt, Partner at Kohn Partnership Architects Inc.

In consultation with the City of Toronto, VANDYK is proposing to implement POPS (“privately owned publicly-accessible space”) into the development plans with green and public open spaces. This initiative will enhance and promote the community’s well-being within urban life.

Andrew Muffitt also said Kohn Partnership Architects’ design aims to seamlessly integrate the new development into the fabric of the existing site, creating easy routes for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well as places for the community to gather and engage.

The European-inspired pedestrian pathways calm traffic and invite people into the interior marketplace and courtyard park, which will allow for the continuation of the Stonegate Farmers’ Market, a community tradition hosted by CHC.

Retail/Commercial Tenants

The initial introduction with the local community in October of 2013 revealed two important issues: keeping CHC and access to grocery shopping. VANDYK has been successful with the retention of CHC and is still actively looking for a grocery tenant. VANDYK will continue its efforts to secure a suitable grocery tenant until around mid-summer, where another proposed plan will take flight.

Mark De Souza, VP of Land Development at VANDYK group of companies, says an alternative plan will be to place multiple retail-related uses on the ground floor of the commercial building. Either way, providing the local community with accessible food and services remains as another top priority in VANDYK’s retail/commercial development plans.

VANDYK is committed to doing its best efforts to bring this development to fruition and will continue to use a collaborative approach with the local community as it heads to the next stages of the redevelopment. VANDYK is confident that the redevelopment of Stonegate Plaza will set the tone for the community for the coming decades.

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VANDYK is confident that the redevelopment of Stonegate Plaza will set the tone for the community for the coming decades...