Construction is recommencing with the redevelopment of Etobicoke’s Stonegate Plaza Lands. Over the past few months, VANDYK group of companies has been working on the design of a shoring wall, a critical first stage used to stabilize the lands at the property line as we excavate down to remediate some of the soils at the southeast corner of the property. Construction of the shoring wall is now taking place on site until the end of October.

VANDYK submitted drawings of the proposed mix-use community’s new central park concept to the City on August 26, 2015. Through the winter months to approximately February 2016, VANDYK will be completing the balance of soil remedial works closer to the center of the property. VANDYK’s application for a zoning by-law amendment to allow for the proposed residential development is in its final stage with an anticipated Community Council date for January 19, 2016.

Construction of shoring wall on site at Stonegate Plaza Lands in Etobicoke

VANDYK is passionate about the architectural vision of this project, which is coming to life through the works of renowned artist, Michael McCann. VANDYK has commissioned McCann to paint artistic impressions of the development. The architecture is planned to encompass elements of brownstone buildings blended with contemporary fixtures. VANDYK is working diligently behind the scenes, gathering inspiration for marketing efforts and preparing for the launch of the development.

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VANDYK is passionate about the architectural vision of this project