Conversation Corner: First Time Homeowner – Something To Be Proud Of

February 4, 2016
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The Craftsman Condominium

The Craftsman - Purchaser Testimonial

Many of today’s young professionals are turning to Toronto to purchase their first home. While the hustle and bustle of city life may be appealing to these hopeful urban dwellers, the price tag and square footage usually are not.

We recently sat down with Justin Howard, purchaser at The Craftsman Condominium Residences, in ‘The Clarkson’ model suite. We asked Justin about his home buying decision process and why he chose to forego the cookie-cutter condo in the city and stay in the burbs. Here’s what he had to say:

What city do you currently live in?
I currently live in Mississauga, Ontario.

What type of house do you currently live in?
Right now I live in a single family dwelling home.

How many years have you lived there?
I’ve lived there my full life, so that would be 25 years.

Why did you decide to move?
You have to leave the house some time so this was a good opportunity for me to kind of take the next step in my life and find something I’m proud of.

How much time did you spend looking for a new home before finding The Craftsman?
I probably spent two or three years looking for a place.

Did you search for homes in other cities? Or was your home search solely in Mississauga?
In terms of where I was looking for a place, obviously in Mississauga…growing up, born and raised here…it was somewhere I wanted to stay. I also looked in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Burlington but I was able to find something in Mississauga that suited my lifestyle.

Were you familiar with the Clarkson Village neighbourhood prior to discovering The Craftsman?
Living right in Lorne Park, I was familiar with the Port Credit and Clarkson areas. I grew up here and loved it, loved the area and I’m excited to stay here.

What do you like about Clarkson Village?
It’s very “homesie”…there’s a lot to do but it’s also very secluded. There’s the Rattray Marsh and Waterfront Trail…it’s just very back to nature but it’s still close to the city for me.

Were you set on finding a condominium? Or were you open to other options?
A condominium was definitely at the top of the list. I was looking for something that was affordable. When you get into the Toronto and Mississauga areas it is really expensive for a single dwelling home so that’s where the condo really fit my budget well.

What was a really important must-have for you when looking for a new home?
Looking for a new home I wanted to find something that was ready for me to move into. I didn’t want a fixer-upper where I would have to come in, gut, paint, new appliances…all that kind of stuff. So it appealed to me greatly that this place was ready to go.

What was most appealing to you about The Craftsman?
The most appealing thing about The Craftsman is probably that it’s very modern. I have a background in woodworking and I understand the architectural side of things and it’s very modern but sophisticated at the same time and it just really fit my lifestyle.

What about The Craftsman stood out to you amongst the other properties you had looked at?
What probably stood out to me the most about The Craftsman was location…anybody who is looking for a home knows that “location, location, location” is the biggest thing. You could have put this somewhere else and it would still be a great place to live but when you’re so close to the water, you’re so close to the QEW, you’re so close to the GO Station…I like to go downtown, hop on the train, see a Jays game, stuff like that…so it’s just close for everything I want to do.

What do you think of the amenities offered at The Craftsman?
I’m an active person so I’ll definitely make use of the gym. The Clarkson Club is also a great space. The rooftop patio was definitely a cool thing for me…have some friends over and have a good time.

What are a few of your favourite features in the suite you purchased?
The layout was huge for me. Even though it’s 727 square feet, it’s a great layout…there’s 2 bedrooms and it had a great size of a balcony for me…it was just the right size for me.

What do you think of the Sales Centre and Model Suite?
My first impression of the sales centre and model suite was “wow”. It’s one thing to look at a pamphlet and kind of envision it, but it’s another thing to walk into a unit and really see it. Everything was put together nicely…nice flow, nice layout, nice design, everything just worked well and it was kind of what I envisioned from the start, so the promise was kept.

The Craftsman’s Sales Centre & Model Suite is located at 1601 Lakeshore Road West in Clarkson Village, Mississauga. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 12-6pm, Friday and Sunday from 12-5pm and Saturday from 11am-5pm. For more information, visit or call 905-823-4044 to speak to a VANDYK Sales Representative.

Anybody who is looking for a home knows that 'location, location, location' is the biggest thing.