Thursday, November 13, 2014 – There was a full house at The Craftsman Condo Seminar that took place at the Preview Sales Centre (1034 Clarkson Road N). Purchasers, registrants and guests who are looking to potentially make The Craftsman their new home gathered to hear experienced industry professionals speak about not only the development, but the condo market and trends, property management and maintenance, mortgages, designing and downsizing.  Speakers included, Linda Mitchell Young (VP Sales & Marketing, VANDYK), John Oaks (CEO, Brookfield Condominium Services), Akash Abrol (Mobile Mortgage Specialist, TD Bank) & Kelly Cray (Principal Creative, Union31).

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We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Diane D., who was the lucky winner of the draw. Diane received $2,000 in decor dollars that she can use in the VANDYK Decor Studio toward upgraded finishes for her suite at The Craftsman. Congratulations! 

Couldn’t make it out to the Condo Seminar? Here is a snap shot of the advice and information presented by our speakers:

Linda Mitchell Young
VP Sales & Marketing, VANDYK group of companies

Overview of Condominium & Housing Market
– GTA experience strongest condo sales in September 2014. Condominium sales are up 62% from September 2013.
– Total condominium sales increased by 53% from last year.
– Condominium sales are outpacing supply for the first time since 2009.
– GTA new home price gap widens by 6%. This is a record gap between single family homes and condominium new home pricing ($239,597).
– Population Growth + Low Vacancy Rates + 2006 Places to Grow Act = High demand for condominiums and year over year price increases

About Clarkson Village & The Craftsman Condominium
– Clarkson Village is truly a hidden gem where prices have remained stable. It is an area that hasn’t seen much development and where charm and nature remain.
– The Craftsman is only 4-storeys high and blends in with the landscape.
– The architecture is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
– It has beautifully landscaped courtyards, ample outdoor spaces, a fitness centre, sophisticated finishes and a grand entrance.

John Oakes
CEO, Brookfield Condominium Services

About John Oakes and Brookfield Condominium Services
– John is a veteran in the business with over 39 years of experience.
– VANDYK hired the best in the business as the property manager for The Craftsman.
– Brookfield will be offering a complete range of services to support the condominium and its future Board of Directors.

Living at The Craftsman
– The process after you have purchased your condominium: PDI, Interim Closing, Move-in, Registration, Final Closing and Turnover.
– The responsibilities of VANDYK, Brookfield and Residents when you are moved into The Craftsman.
– The cost of maintenance fees and what it includes.

Akash Abrol
Mobile Mortgage Specialist, TD Bank

– Akash has been a mortgage lender for 11 years.
– Information about the pre-approval process and interest rates.

Kelly Cray
Principal Creative, Union31

About Kelly Cray and Union31
-Recipient of numerous industry awards.
-Has been in the industry for over 18 years.
-Has been published in the National Post and Globe and Mail and has appeared on HGTV and CityLine as an industry expert.

“The Art” of Condo Living
– Open concept living allows for you to make the most out of your space by being flexible with furniture configurations.
– Using convertible and multi-functional furniture allows for the best use of space. It allows you to reduce the number of pieces you have while still getting everything you need for day to day living or entertaining.
– The use of neutral colours and lighting will always make a space feel brighter and larger.
– Try using floating shelves to help with storage as it will free up floor space and make the room look less cluttered and more airy.

Condominium sales increased by 53% from last year.