A Good News Story:

July 5, 2013


Wyndham Place - Review

Rarely do we take the time to tell a good news story. Here is some great feedback that we got from a nearby resident of VANDYK Communities’ Wyndham Place in Oakville. Special thanks to the hard working men and women on site at Wyndham Place for their professionalism and positive attitude!

To all the People at Vandyk

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

We lived on Garden Drive, Oakville, until the middle of __ of this
year (2013) and had been dealing with project on top of project of
construction around us. At the top of the street, on Rebecca and behind
us, from about 2008! Wells drilled, trucks dumping, dust, styrofoam pieces
in the air, limbs of trees falling on our son’s toys in the backyard
(literally minutes after the boys stopped playing).

And then you guys came along.

I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for cleaning the road at the end of
the day. Thanks for watching out for my son with autism, who passed the
site every morning on the way to his bus. Thanks for clearing the errant
cars off our lawn. Thanks for helping us move stuff out of our way, for
giving us advance warning, and for bloody well smiling at us when we
passed. Thanks for good FLAG MEN! Thanks for helping me back out when
there were more trucks than I could see around. Thanks for caring about
moving trucks and things when it was time.

I’d like to thank the site manager by name, but I’ll be darned if it’s
coming back to me. I’m guessing he’s the one who kept everyone in line and
set the tone for the others. He had a foot injury at the beginning of the
year – if that helps to remember who that was – hobbling around with a
medical boot on – but darned if he still didn’t say “Hi” in a nice way.
Hey, is that YOU?

I say this, because this is best practice when it comes to descending on a
residential environment. We loved our street when we had friends on it.
And we were angry when developers came and stole away our family of
friends. To the developers it’s a business – to us it was our home. So,
good on you. I didn’t clutch my fist and rail at your workers every day.
I patiently waited when trucks needed to load and I had to pass. I felt
like smiling back, when someone smiled at me. And I did not freak out
every time my (FOUR) children walked down the road. Because I knew you
were good at what you do.

Thanks. And may the people who live in the Wyndham project be as
comfortable as you made us.