• Credit Valley Hospital
  • University of Toronto
  • Clarkson GO Transit
  • Erin Mills Town Centre
  • South Common Mall
  • Mississauga Golf & Country Club
  • Credit Vally Golf & Country Club
  • Sawmill Creek Park

Credit Valley

Located approximately 3km from Windows on the Green is The Credit Valley Hospital on Erin Mills Pkwy. It is currently ranked as the best hospital in the Greater Toronto Area.

University of Toronto

Located approximately 1km from Windows on the Green is The University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. The university is set upon a park-like campus on the valley of the Credit River. It is the second-largest division of the University of Toronto.

GO Transit Clarkson

Located approximately 4.5km from Windows on the Green is Clarkson GO Transit Station. Construction of a new 1200 space multi-level parking structure with elevators, enclosed walkways, waiting areas to tunnels will be complete late 2013.


Located approximately 3.5km from Windows on the Green is the Credit Valley Golf & Country Club. It is one of the Province's finest private golf clubs located within the solitude of the Credit River Valley.

Creek Park

Take a short stroll or bike ride up to Sawmill Creek Park. You will find wetlands, patches of forests and streams. The area provides habitat for trilliums, white-tailed deer, shagbark hickory and much more.